Special Agency produces mediated experiences that induce altered states of consciousness and facilitate soma~cognitive reconfiguration – we call them “cognitive stimulants”. Below is an introduction to our work. You might also be interested to check Recruitment and the Special Residency or contact us to make a report.

This Special Agency

I would like to identify myself as agent Paranyushkin and I would like to transmit to you a few words about this “Special Agency”.

First of all, the word “special” relates to the simple fact that we are of our species. The word “agent” refers to its Latin root: the one who has the capacity to act.
To have “special agency” therefore is to be an agent on behalf of one’s species.

While there can be as many special agencies as there are people in the world (and even more), this particular Special Agency acts as a proxy for operations that translate imaginary into various practicesobjects of cultural production, software tools, books, scientific research. We can call this activity “Venture Fiction” or ve-fi and all our ongoing projects are called ventures.

Unlike venture capitalists, who are mainly driven by the monetary return on investment, we give more value to the joy of creation and play. Just like traditional sci-fi would bring in ideas about the world that is about to come, ve-fi does the same thing but through conceptual frameworks, code, images, sounds, events and other kinds of transmissions.

We base our activity on the open-source special agency framework for independent operation, which is a generalized (venture fiction) account of the framework we ourselves use.

On a very basic level “Special Agency” framework can also operate as a mental construct, which can be used by those who do not always belong to a specific type, category, occupation or form. Instead, people practice their own specificity, without a particular name or with it, finding realization and expression in a variety of already existing realities, encountering each other and themselves through this practice itself.

Special Agency Studio

This recently declassified location in Berlin is where we organize events and host our sessions and residencies for other special agents from around the world. Situated in the middle of the former demarkation line separating the East from the West, it’s the last standing structure of the Berlin wall today. 

3, Am Flutgraben, 12435, Berlin
+49 30 609 62 999 to enter
contact us

Other classified locations are scattered around the globe. Contact recruitment for more information.

Open-Source Framework for a Special Agency

This framework is just a way of thinking that can be applicable to any particular situation. It is open-source and can be forked / modified, used, and appropriated by anybody. It is available under public domain license on GitHub code repository.

Everybody is different, so everybody is Special.

Everyone acts in relation to something else, so everyone is an Agent.

The role of a Special Agency is to amplify the prism of the individual self, which channels and gives color to the unobstructed flow of creation. In that, Special Agency acts as an interface that offers additional choices not usually visible under the normal circumstances.

Special Agency attempts to affect both normality and the very notion of it, as well as employing various practices of mind expansion, such as polysingularity, network analysis, Systema, Noguchi taiso, and the intuitive approach.

Every Special Agent acts within the frame of normality, which is constantly questioned, expanded, and morphed into poly-orthogonal shapes, which gain their own frequency, rhythmicality, physicality, emotional hues, and variable dynamics. In that Special Agent channels the very unique thing that is only him/her/its and nobody else’s – the natural lifeflow that was mysteriously obfuscated by one’s personality.

It’s the remainings and artefacts of those obfuscations which are of interest to a Special Agent, as they are forming the building blocks and energy packets within physical matter – such as this book, the retina of the one who’s reading, the neuronal signal of the one who’s writing, the tremble within the air produced by somebody who speaks.

(from specialagency.me)