Durational Conference

Durational Conference is a regular event produced by the Special Agency where the participants are invited to share the topics that are of urgency to them at the moment in an intimate setting without the time / format pressures that standard conferences usually come with.

Its main goal is to challenge and enhance the format of a conference and to invite the participants to shift away from standard modes of representation based on self-promotion towards a more engaged, comprehensive, self-critical and slower discussion, involving not only the words and stage, but also the body, the walls, and any other objects, visual and sonic elements, that are available.

To read more about the concept of the Durational Conference, read our article on Conference and Representation.

Also read about the use of text network visualization for conference topic profiling.


conference, discourse, language, science, talk, theory

Mission Objective

To enhance the format of a conference in order to facilitate a more engaged and comprehensive discussions.


Nina Kurtela (artist, Croatia), Nicolas Siepen (artist, co-founder of BBooks), Ward Cunningham (software developer, inventor of Wiki), Jonas Liepmann (entrepreneur, founder of Iversity), Diego Agullo (teacher, artist), David Bovill (biologist, software developer), Jorinde Schulz (writer, artist), Renee Carmichael (writer, researcher)


21 June 2015, 29 & 30 January 2016, 20 March 2016


agent Mushtrieva, agent Paranyushkin, agent Agulló