Waiting Room

A waiting room, tables, chairs, reception. Forms, applications, questionnaires. You take a place, waiting for your turn. Your name is called and you are led to a different space. Behind the door is somebody to share an interesting experience with. It may be an interviewer, your best friend, a trader, a dancer, an actor, maybe even yourself – you never know what to expect.

The Waiting Room opens space for encounters between strangers and it plays with the social rules of curiosity and interest, everyday behaviour and communication. You always come back to where you started: the waiting room, which itself becomes the space for mixing up the impressions and suspending the patterns.

The event usually lasts about 4 hours and during this time every visitor has time for 5 or 6 different encounters.

A variation of the event functions without the walls and rooms, the Waiting Room itself becomes a playground for different propositions and a space to share ideas, practices, and personal worlds with others.

Produced by

agent Agullo, agent Paranyushkin, agent Stamer

Participating Artists

Clement Layes, Andre Wunstorf, Peter Stamer, Agata Siniarska, Lea Martini, Gabriel von Loebell-Herberstein, Irina Mueller, Andrea Goetzke, Daniel Almgren

Years Active


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