Local Prophets

Local Prophets is an invite-only jamming session bringing together the artists and musicians to share and exchange music, creations, inspiration and vibes.

The word “prophet” itself derives from pro ‘for’ or ‘before’ + phētēs ‘speaker’ (from phēnai ‘speak’). A prophet receives and transmits further. The prophet is first spoken to and then he speaks to the others. They also say that “no man can be prophet in their own country”.

Therefore, a Local Prophet takes what there is and then brings it somewhere else.

Every event we encourage people to play together for the first time and to try things out that they’ve never tried before, creating the starting points for new threads and collaborations. The live sessions are recorded, stored, archived, and released for future iterations.

Everyone’s contribution is recorded using the Common Allocation Matrix. We then divide the total amount of profits by the total number of hours invested into the event and everybody gets their share, depending on how much they contributed to making the event happen.


exchange, music

Mission Objective

To play and to exchange ideas in the field of creation.

Participating Artists

X Culture (Zaun Records, Berlin), C.Comberti (Berlin), Opal Sunn (Berlin), Interchain (Incompetence Records, Moscow), PTU (Incompetence Records, Moscow), Rhodes Tennis Court (Narwhal Recordings, Berlin), DJ Andre Pahl (berlin), Vincent Carpentier (The Record Loft), DJ MFK (Urban Mutations, Berlin), DJ Noema (Magic Movement, Berlin), Mattluck (Zaun, Berlin), Prcdrl (Moscow), Aprile (Bye Bye Ocean, Paris), Igor Butur (Cunt, Berlin), Colin Johnco (Johnkool, Paris), Aerodynamika (Johnkool, Paris), Victor Tricard (Berlin), NEUNAU (Italy)


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