Allocation Matrix

Allocation Matrix is a set of principles, methodologies and a combination of software tools designed to make things happen in a decentralized, open-source, and collaborative way.

It allocates the resources (labor and material) needed to fulfil a certain objective to the resources that are available. The Matrix has chronological structure similar to Gantt chart for project scheduling, allowing to align resources to deadlines. If certain resources are not available, the project’s network is mobilized to resolve the lack or to adjust the needs. The project takes place only when the Matrix is complete, both in resource/allocation and in time.


As a set of principles the Matrix can function both as a fully-integrated software tool, or as a set of principles, which can be implemented in any freely available software, such as Google Spreadsheets. To read more about a practical use case scenario, read our article on using the Allocation Matrix for Event Organization.


Mission Objective

To develop methodology for practical and sustainable implementations of self-organized collaborations

Active During

2016 - present


special agent Paranyushkin, special agent Kurtela, special agent Johnco

More Information

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