3AM Event

3AM is an open-source ad-hoc event created to celebrate diversity within the local creative scene and to bring together artists, musicians, activists and various people who are interested and who are ready to be engaged to make things happen in the frame of one night.

There are important principles of operation that set 3AM apart from other event series:

1) EQUALITY – The lineup of the event is made from everyone who makes the event possible: cleaners, bar people, artists, organizers, etc.

2) COLLABORATION – Every time a new team of organizers is invited to curate the event;

3) INCLUSIVITY – The open call for works to be presented is distributed among the people who took part in the previous editions of the event;

4) SELF-ORGANIZATION – The event operates based on the Allocation Matrix, which maps the resources needed to create the event to the people who are participating in it – either with tasks or with a financial contribution to compensate those who give their time to make the event happen. 3AM only takes place when the matrix is full and it’s available for everyone’s view, creating a totally transparent system and open-sourcing the making of the event as well as all the resources (labor, equipment, financial) that were required to realize it.


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Mission Objective

To bring together diverse groups of people in a transparent and self-organized way

Participating Artists

Frank Willens, Kata Kovács, Stine Frandsen, Felix Marchand, Sura Hertzberg, NS DOS, Josephine Findeisen, Julia Rodriguez, Diego Agulló, Miriam Kongstad, Nathalie Mauries, Alice Chauchat, Lyllie Rouviere, Sara Linck, Darko Dragičević, Kieron Njina, Deborah Ligorio, Benjamin Pohlig, Lisa Mueller, Trede Ana Jelusic, Zuzanna Ratajczyk, Chen Zou, Sonia Noya, Louise Trueheart, Grace Wielebinski, Sarah Klenes, Uri Turkenich, Marie Beckrich, Johanna Gilje, Julian Weber, Kyrae Cowan, Mars Dietz, Emily Radford, Ania Catherine ,Francesca Lisette, Zinzi Buchanan, Andrea Gimeno, Pepe Dayaw, Sheena McGrandles, Erin Laura Hughes, Eve Richens, Andrea Keiz, Mo Kim, Ute Ringel, Katja Pudor, Emma Tricard, Bruna Pereira de Souza, Maru Mushtrieva, Eric Green, Renata Haar, Mauro Vilela Pietrobon


2015 - present


agent Layes, agent Paranyushkin, agent Vinovrski, agent Kurtela, agent Man and a variety of other special agents and crews

More Information

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