Special Residency

Residency Description

Special Agency offers its space (84 sq m) in Berlin – at the beautiful studio house at 3, Am Flutgraben in Kreuzberg – for short-term and long-term residencies.

We will accept applications for work related to Special Agency activities:


The residency is open to people with any background:

  • arts,
  • music,
  • science,
  • dance,
  • design,
  • software development,
  • wood-carving,
  • law,
  • e-commerce,
  • therapy,
  • finance,
  • engineering,
  • etc.


The main objective of the residency is to create an environment where individuals can

  • discover or develop their practice and
  • cultivate their principles, methodology and approach.


These residencies are best suited for individuals and groups who are willing to carve out their own niche, be it inside their own imagination, outside in their environment, or both. Our location is perfect for a focused, immersive work that goes deep. We provide

  • infrastructure,
  • work space,
  • equipment, and
  • access to local networks.


At the end of the residency the participants may be offered to bring their practice to life in the frame of Special Agency and Circadian – a publishing house for books on practice. We can also help the participants organize an event, if they feel that it could benefit their work, in order to activate local agents.  For example, it may be possible to join the already existing formats hosted by Special Agency: Durational Conference, 3AM Event, Waiting Room, and Practice Festival. Our network of more than 6000+ people includes people from all walks of life and it will definitely may be interesting for to connect with them and work on the future projects.


Studio Description

The studio is 85 sq meters large and it is situated at Kunstfabrik Am Flutgraben in Kreuzberg, Berlin at a historical factory building, which used to be part of the Berlin wall (nearest metro: Schlessisches Tor). It has all the necessary amenities, including a tea bar, a sink with the running water (the shared toilets are outside), fast wi-fi, great light during the daytime, spot PAR lights, music and DJ equipment (it is possible to rehearse during evenings and nights), 3 tables, projector, concrete floor, black vinyl dancefloor (empty area suitable for dance / theater / presentation rehearsals – 25 to 56 sq meters), gray walls, and some other useful stuff. There’s also a kitchen with a fridge and a washing machine outside.

There is an extensive library of great books of fiction and various works in cognitive and network science, art, performance, psychology, and philosophy.

It’s not allowed to live in the space, however, you have 24-hour access to the building and to the studio and there is heating inside.




Practical Details

A standard residency duration ranges from 10 days to three months. The guests are welcome to make their work as much public as they wish: which means it can stay anonymous or, alternatively, result in some sort of event or apparition.

This program is non-for-profit, but it attempts to be financially self-sustainable.

We usually accept projects that are connected to our ongoing work at Special Agency (e.g. work on cognitive stimulants – music, events etc. and various practices), Circadian (books), Nodus Labs (scientific research and software development).


Application Form

In order to apply for a residency, please, fill out the form below. It will take us about a week to review your application and to contact you to arrange a meeting. We accept applications all year round. Please, also check the availability below before applying.



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