Special Agent’s Vocabulary

Special Agent’s vocabulary is the programming language used for day-to-day agency operations. It is collectively developed and used by the agents from all over the globe: agent Koo Des, agent Paranyushkin, agent Solal Cardo, agent Jo~Badji, agent Louise, agent Sheily, agent Falk, agent Ranford, agent Ott, agent Molnar, agent Wakko, agent Assayag, agent Mushtrieva, agent Savelieva, agent Gerstenberger, agent Jardim, agent Kosmas and many other contributors.

∞OS  – an operating system for the bodymind. Based on continuous wave-like oscillatory movement that follows the patterns of strange attractor (8), establishing zones of temporary non-equilibrium stability across its environmental field of action/response.

Activator – somebody who has a sustained capacity to bring energies into fusion, to activate new connections, to bridge the gaps, and to multiply unities.

Activation – fusion of energies – considering human beings are nuclear reactors, activation is a way to bring out the immense reserves of energy into the outside world and beyond through interaction and exchange. Every good activation is preceded by engagement.
Uses: “this activation was beyond expectations”, “activation enabled”

Affiliation – when a komarade brings an agent for another komarade. implies reciprocity. an affiliation for the whole group is the highest form of affiliation.
Uses: “there was some really good affiliation going on there”, “oh yes, she got us affiliated”

Agency – an agency is the capacity to act, potentiality, which belongs to every individual, a network of environmental affordances and inclinations. From medieval Latin agentia, from agent- ‘doing’. An agency is not a club, it’s a constellation of selves (within one individual or among many individuals), interconnected, just like servers.
Uses: “you are really taking your agency to the next level with this one”

Agent – from Latin ‘doing’ – the one who has a capacity to act. An agent is not a sergeant. Agents co~create their own worlds, while sergeants serve to the worlds of others. An agent is somebody who is in~between, transforming in~formation into action.
Uses: “this is a good agent”, “check out this agent over there”

Agent Activated – an agent who has been engaged into action.
Uses: “is this agent activated?”, “sorry babes, i’m gonna be activating agents tonight”

Agent Activator – an agent who is very good in activating other agents, often even without explicit intent.

Agitation – engaging an agent or a potential agent on one level or another.

Asketes – the one who exercises / practices.

Assimilation – accepting the incoming flow without any tension in order to integrate it into further actions or to dissipate its energy into small particles that are exploding and imploding at every moment of time, sending ripple~waves across spacetime fields of action.

Body Database – a living archive of various interactive patterns that helps agents understand and access each other for an exchange of in~formation.

Bodyperfect – def a good body. Uses: “gurl, he’s so bodyperfect”, “man, she’s really bodyperfect”

Circuit – a pattern of action that can be activated in order to inscribe imaginary into the real.
Uses: “Activate the new circuit”

Clearance – the authorization for an agent to access a certain knowledge or information provided by the agency. The clearance has to be ambiguous by essence because the nature of the agency itself is ambiguous: it might be the agent themselves, it might be an agency, it might be the agency of the agent. If clearance has to be granted, like on a server, an update on one machine updates all the machines, which means that a person would not be notified about getting clearance: he or she would just know.
Uses: a secret project in development between two agents. a third agent gets clearance to access that information.

Confusion – the time outside of training when agent activation is allowed, thus occasionally causing confusion among agents and other individuals (from “con” and “fusion” – many streams coming together causing chaotic movement

Copy Paste – getting inspiration and giving it a new form; receiving and transferring; can be used in radio transmission to confirm that communication was received and recorded.

Data – a stream or disjointed elements of input that can be metabolized into in~formation

Deactivation – an agent who is activated may be (and sometimes should be) deactivated. This may be done temporarily or permanently and this action is better performed when mutual consent is granted.

Disengagement – after an initial contact has been established, a break may be needed in order to prevent escalation from engagement towards activation

Dissipation – an act of spreading oneself or any other unity into different parts, which can travel independently and exist on their own, related to one another. Can be used as a tactics to dissipate many agents across a domain (digital or actual) as well as to relieve tension.

Divinatorium – divinatory content delivery system.

Double Agent – an agent who is fulfilling at least two agendas that might or might not contradict each other, e.g. somebody involved both with an organisation and into its competitor.
Uses: “Did you ever think that she might be a double agent?”

Downtown – a place or situation that has lost its originality and turned into a hectic simulacrum of itself; synonims: SodaSopa (from Southpark)
Uses: “Oh man this place is too downtown for me, let’s get out of here”

Engagement – initiating the first contact, fusing the first threads. Engagement is a prerequisite step to activation. Every good activation is preced by engagement. Engagement may or may not be followed by activation, depending on the data exchanged between the parties.

Ex~change – an inter~action that leads to a meaningful trans~formation of all the parties involved

Flexion – a special push/pull sensation that can be experienced both in the body and within the environment; repercussion of wave-like motion in matter and medium.

Frequency – as the wave is in the origin of everything, frequency is one of the original properties. To be on the same frequency is to be perfectly synchronized. To travel across the frequency spectrum is to connect to others. Uses: instead of “to be on the same level” one can be on the “same frequency” in order to avoid mis~understanding.

Fusion – mixing two or more energies into one

Ghost Agent – an agent who is present but in a way that has to do with invocation or with an idea of this agent in other people bodyminds, rather than “real” physical presence.

Good – something that is “good” for any given system in a way that is sustainable is something that allows it both to maintain its operational non-equilibrium stability and to evolve.

Good Agent – an agent who does good.

In~filtration – joining something on its own terms, passing through filters

In~formation – an input or impulse that comes into the system and causes structural changes, affecting it from the outside.

Input – incoming flow of in~formation
Uses: “Try to be open to different inputs that you receive”

In~structor – ideally, an agent who is in~structing: creating a structure from within itself, inscribing imaginary into the real.

Inter~action – collective activation

Invitroz – internal activation work that relates to any enclosed entity: from a specific body/mind to a social constellation or space.
Uses: “this is total invitroz”

Komarade – fam, bro, sis – somebody who is close and shares the same ideas, weaving their threads towards the outside; the main difference of “Komarade” from an “Agent” is that when agents interact they might need something from each other, while Komarades don’t really need anything by way of having a spiritual channel activated between them already; every Komarade can also be an Agent and every Agent can become a Komarade. A Komarade can also be a Muse.
Uses: “how are you, komarade?”, “greetings komarade!”

Location – an area, place, house.
Uses: “On location”

Love – while Zizek says “love is when you give something that you don’t have to somebody who does not need it”, the notion of love for an agent is a very different one. Love belongs to the realm of irrational; it may be momentous, temporary or permanent; it cuts through the impossible and creates links and relations that are unexpected. In that sense love may be violent and powerful, it may cause a lot of pleasure and a lot of suffering. It is a true “event” in Badiou’s sense of the word (an occurrence that leads to a contextual shift);
Uses: “I am in love”

Mandat – the time of the training when no agent activation is allowed

Meaningful – something is meaningful when it consists of elements that connect into a certain coherent whole

Mission – a temporary assignment that special agent has to fulfil

Muse – an agent or a komarade that channels inspiration and good synchronicity flow.
Uses: “Komarade, I think I found a Muse!”

Not being a very clear agent – when an agent is giving confusing signs regarding their intentions to other agents.

Nutro – the gut-intelligence-sexuality-creativity-fertility chakra connecting the agent to their inner somatic intellect.
Uses: “You should just connect to your nutro”

Obstacle – somebody who is creating an barrier on the way of the flow towards fusion and activation

Patch – a temporary solution or connectivity that makes things work in a certain way; a patch may become a circuit.
Uses: “I just finished re-patching all my stuff” or “She just doesn’t have this patch activated yet”

On ne change pas une équipe qui gagne. – “you don’t change a winning team”, meaning that when something works, it works, and there’s no need to change strategy that is a winning one, but only once it is found. Can also be used to appreciate excellent performance of an agent or komarade in the field.

Operation – a sequence of events, a narrative that needs to be inscribed into reality, virtual or actual
Uses: “We have to make sure this operation goes well”

Operator – somebody who operates, works, creating an Opus.

Pigeon – a voyeur who is not engaged
Uses: “So I just pushed that pigeon away”

Process – to perform at least one transformation on an incoming impulse

Provocation – to call for a response, often to engage into an interaction or to let somebody express their beliefs and opinions.

Proxy – an agent or a device that is transferring data and information through itself

Razvedka – a research that is intuitive.
Uses: “We go razvedka tomorrow”, “I do razvedka”, “Let’s meet and do some razvedka together”

Receive – to accept and embrace the incoming impulse for further processing and transmission.

Recruitment – finding and recruiting new agents for specific projects or future activation.

Re~direction – a practice of assimilating into the flow and influencing its further direction towards a mutually desired outcome.

Resonance – to be in resonance is to be in harmony, oscillating at different frequencies, which are compatible. Notice the difference from total synchronization – those who are in resonance may be in harmony but not necessarily on the same frequency, bringing in different influences and attitudes into the mix.

Sabotage – an agent always puts the mission or the operation they are a part of as the highest priority; when their personal interests get in the way of the flow and create non-constructive obstructions or even prevent the full realisation, it is called sabotage.

Sensor – a body part or any other interface whose function is to receive and transmit information among agents.

Sergeant – somebody who’s not an agent. Sergeants follow the orders with servitude, making sure they provide their best to the structures they serve, submitting themselves to be used as stories in somebody else’s narratives. Sergeants live in the worlds of others, while agents live in the worlds that they actively co-create.
Uses: “This is not an agent, this is a sergeant. The first thing he asked me was what companies I’ve worked with so far. “

Situation – an intersection of energies in the network; the heart of an action, encounter or transmission.

Sleeping Agent – a sleeping agent is an agent that is not yet fully aware of their capacity to act.
Uses: “this is a sleeping agent, so it will take some time before activation can occur”

Special – whatever it is that has a unique shape, substance and appearance is special. from Latin, species – ‘appearance, form, beauty’, which originates from specere – ‘to look’.

Source – everything that distorts, augments or transforms data that passes through

Special Agent – everybody is special because they are different; everyone acts in the world just by way of their existence; therefore everyone is a special agent

Standby Agent – an agent who is waiting to be activated
Uses: “how many agents on standby do we have today?”

Stealth Mode – an agent in stealth mode is on a covert mission: they operate, but in an invisible way – usually for the sake of the mission or to collect intel; an agent in stealth mode may even seem to not be an agent.
Uses: “Yo, I’m going into full stealth mode for the winter”

Superactivation – when an activation stands out in its intensity
Uses: “Gurl, this guy is superactivated”, – “How’s it going with that agent?” – “Superactivation!”

Synchronicity – when two or more things happen simultaneously in a good way; a lucky meeting; serendipity;
Uses: “Synchronicity!”, ” I did not expect such a degree of synchronicity from this situation”

System – a network of Situations that interact and influence each other.

Team Mobile – a group of people is on the way
Uses: “Berlin team mobile”, “Paris team mobile”

Too much activation – when the potential of ongoing activation is so high that it may be pleasantly overwhelming for the agent.
Uses: “Man, there’s too much activation at this place”, “I need some rest, it’s been too much activation recently”

Trans~formation – a change of form through in~formation or inter~action

Transmission – a stream of data from one source to another

Transmit – to communicate something that was received from somewhere else, passing it further along the networked structure

Watchdog – an external observer invoked metaphorically to refer to a meta point of view; a nonexistent entity that looks out for all agents and komarades;
Uses: “– How did you know it was her? – In not me it’s the watchdog”