Nodus Labs

Nodus Labs is a research lab set up by Special Agency to facilitate its work in the scientific and technological contexts.

The current mission of Nodus Labs is the research and development of the interfaces for cognitive reconfiguration, which can produce evolution in learning.

Nodus Labs produces research and interactive situations that bridge sociology, network science, life sciences and arts, as well as the tools and practices to enhance comprehension, perception and learning. They were presented in a variety of contexts: from
re:publica conference in Berlin to Skogen workshops in Sweden. The works by Nodus Labs on text network analysis are cited by researchers worldwide.

Among the most recent Nodus Labs projects is InfraNodus – the cognitive reconfiguration tool, Dreams.Network – the dreams network interpretation system, Divinatorium – a divinatory recommender and content management system based on abstracted divinatory practices (in the works).


discourse, networks, research, society, software

Mission Objective

To build tools and create situations that enhance cognitive and perceptual capacities.

Active During

2009 - present


special agent Paranyushkin

Special Thanks

special agent Shalom, special agent Agulló, special agent Jacomy, special agent Garbash, special agent Heymann, Gephi Consortium, re:publica Conference, Agora Collective, a.pass, Les Ballets C de la B, PAF

Audience Reach

~ 2000 monthly readers, ~ 5000 monthly users, ~ 2000 through research and live presentations