∞OS at Martin Gropis Bau

During June – July 2018 ∞OS had a residency at Martin Gropius Bau in the context of “Welt ohne Außen” exhibition, where we explored reciprocal relations between intellectual / ethical frameworks and collective embodied practices.

Every time a session facilitator will introduce their practice and various ways how it weaves into ∞OS, experimenting with a hybrid approach, merging the two practices together, observing the effects on the body, on the participants, and on the environment.

Daniela Schmidtke
Christine Bolte
Bjorn Eichhorn
Leandro Uria
Diego Agulló
Maru Mushtrieva
Pedro Jardim
Sacha Molnar
Dmitry Paranyushkin

Special thanks to Isabel Lewis and Annika Kuhlman for the invitation.

Photo report: ∞OS group on Facebook

Produced by Martin Gropius Bau and Special Agency