30 December 2017: 3AM Event by CIRCADIAN

3AM event, co-produced by the Special Agency, have been organized on the 30th of December 2017 by Dmitry Paranyushkin and Diego Agullo of CIRCADIAN publishing house. The central question for this last iteration of 3AM was: how an event can bring books into life? How can books invite the reader to do a specific practice, concrete actions, exercises, daily rituals, etc.

In Summer 2017 we made an open call to invite everyone who’s been to our events to create a book on practice. Several entries have been selected and on the 30th of December:

Nik Kosmas,
Lilach Livne,
Paul Wiersbinski,
Richard Aslan,
Agata Siniarska,
Zmeu Pleroma,
Anne Linke,
Koo Des / NSDOS, and
Noam Assayag

They presented their practices to the 3AM audience, along with the books published by CIRCADIAN Press.

These practices were presented during 3AM as performances, workshops, immersive installations, walkabout tours and in many more shapes and forms – total 10 of them throughout the late-afternoon ~ evening (6pm to 11pm) followed by a celebration.

Every practice presented at this 3AM was accompanied by a book published especially to the occasion of 3AM. You can see the whole list and pre-order these limited edition books on https://circadian.co/product-tag/3am/.

The event hosted more than 400 people at Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben in Berlin. It was supported by Senat Department for Culture and Europe.

Some impressions from the event, by Dajana Lothert and Nailya Bikmurzina: