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Network Analysis Workshop


During this 2-hour session you will learn basic concepts from network analysis and experience several practical applications of this framework to better understand cognitive and social complexity. Every session is customized to the participants’ needs.

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This session is a basic / advanced introduction to the framework of network analysis presented by agent Paranyushkin of Nodus Labs.

You will learn how to create knowledge graphs that can help understand communities or any interrelated phenomena. You will also learn advanced techniques for reading and interpreting network graphs.

By the end of this 2-hour session, you will be able to operate basic concepts from network science and create your own graphs using open-source tools InfraNodus and Gephi. You will be able to use it in your own work or for your projects, be it in the field of creative writing, marketing, socialology or arts.

If you’re familiar with the basic concepts of network science, an advance version of this workshop is available, with a focus on network dynamics, influence estimation for communities / nodes, as well as creating practical applications for your own use cases.

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