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A 2-hour training session in 8OS – a system of adaptation to one's environment. Basic techniques to redirect incoming impulses and dissipate tension based on breathing + wave-like oscillatory movement patterns.

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8OS is a body/mind open source operating system, which is created to increase adaptive and endurance capacities of an organism. It is based on various practices, ranging from martial art Systema, Noguchi Taiso (gymnastics) and Vipassana meditation to the studies of nonlinear systems, Aerodynamics, and physics. It is based on oscillatory wave-like movement, relaxation and continuity.

In this 2-hour session you will be introduced to the basic concepts and principles of Systema and together we will do several exercises, mainly focused on breathing and movement.

In the end of the session you will have several tangible techniques at your disposal that will allow your body and mind to be more adaptable to external circumstances, as well as some basic skills that will help dissipate tension and redirect incoming impulses.

Group training is available every Sunday at 16.30 at Runbase Berlin.

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