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Polysingular Body-Mind Adaptation Techniques


A personalized physio-cognitive workshop to improve adaptation skills and to learn cope with stress using polysingular approach.

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In this 2-hour session we will introduce you to the basic principles of polysingularity as a practice of social and soma-cognitive reconfiguration.
At the beginning of the workshop, we will introduce a physical practice based on breathing, continuity and oscillatory wave-like movement patterns. It is derived from a combination of various approaches, including the Japanese Noguchi Taiso technique (related to Alexander Technique and Feldenkreis), Systema martial art (related to Jiu-Jitsu and Aikido, as well as ancient Cossack techniques), Vipassana meditation, as well as Agile programming. You will learn how to establish internal rhythm, calm down your body and mind, overcome obstacles, and dissipate tension in the body and mind to relax.
We will then introduce a series of exercises that will help you internalize the techniques that you’ve learned and make them part of your everyday behavior. This workshop will be helpful for coping with various kinds of stress as well as for resolution of conflict situations. A special focus will be made on adaptation skills, which may be used both in urban, social, as well as natural environments.

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