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Divinatorium Kit


An abstract divination tool created using network analysis of Tarot and other divinatory practices. The virtual package includes two e-books with original research and divinatory manual. The physical package includes a printed book and a ready-to-use Divinatorium Tarot deck.

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This release was produced by agents Paranyushkin and Johnco. Details on the approach and methodology used this work can be found on Nodus Labs’ website.

Divination is defined as a search for knowledge using supernatural means. The notion itself is related to the “divine”, something that is “of God”.

Every divinatory system is an effective and self-sufficient story-telling device. It consists of a set of symbols (Tarot cards, astrological signs, I Ching patterns). Every symbol makes sense, but the overall meaning emerges when those symbols are put in relation to one another.

Relations between the symbols are organized in a very specific way. First, there is the chronological connection (one symbol is followed by another). Then there are also connections between the symbols interlinking the different parts of the narrative structure (e.g. the very beginning to the very end).

If the emerging relational structure of divinational narrative is represented as a network, it has a helix-like shape similar to the shape of a DNA molecule. This may be the “divine” link: using the basic organizational principle of life to produce life-changing narrative structures.

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