PLAYBerlin was a temporary mission initiated by agent Paranyushkin in collaboration with agents Wengel and Staerber and with the support of various other agents stationed in the city of Berlin.

Our hands are stretching out to look for somewhere to rest among our immaterial archives so that we can draw out what they fall upon into the solidifying waves of occurrence until we are newly surrounded by such quick crystals.

The mission had two objectives:

To initiate and facilitate exchange and collaboration between different creative communities in Berlin;
To create a modern online archiving system based on life-span of the content;

In order to fulfil those objectives PLAYBerlin published regular materials about the known, emerging and unknown protagonists in different scenes and distributed those materials in its large e-mail network accumulated through copying and pasting all the CC emails that people forgot to hide when sending mass e-mails. Thanks to this ingenuine promotion tactics, our audience reached about 5000 active readers per month.

Those materials would then be organized into an archive system (developed by agent Wengel) which had three types of content:
1) Discourse (for more complex, interconnected pieces of content);
2) Herbarium (for content that did not yet have the time to belong to any complexity of specific narrative);
3) Treibgut (for the content that just appeared on the radar, passing by)

PLAYBerlin was also organizing regular events in collaboration with other agents (Lewis, Johnson, Green, Taylor and others) under the name of TAMTAMTAM collective. These events would bring different local scenes together and provide a lot of material for PLAYBerlin’s publishing platform.

The project functioned actively from 2009 until 2011 and is now available as an archive of the highlights that happened during this period.

Mission Type

Social Experiment, Publishing, Social Experiment, Performance, Music, Writing