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Textexture Live Installation

“Text” and “textile” come from the same Latin root “text-“, which means “woven”. The network is the perfect metaphor to understand the inner making of text. To visualize the meaning, to see what the text is made of, how it operates, and — ultimately — to understand how we think. Textexture is an audio-visual interactive installation where the visitors are invited to create sculptures using the language. The participants can either write or speak into a microphone and everything they say will be visualized as a network graph of relations. A special peer-reviewed methodology developed by Dmitry Paranyushkin is used to translate the text into the network in real-time, based on the co-occurrence of words and meanings. The participants are collectively creating the sculpture using their words, shaping the pattern of the narrative together with others, creating a complex web of relations and meanings, revealing the gaps, opening up the new...

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The Flow and The Notion Book Release on Circadian

Dmitry Paranyushkin and Anastasia Pilepchuk released a book "The Flow and the Notion" published by Circadian in January 2019. Circadian is a publishing house focused on open-source artistic practices and operating systems: the authors are invited to present their practice in a way that makes it possible for the reader to engage in the aesthetic or theoretical proposition introduced in the book. "The Flow and the Notion" is an invitation into a collaborative practice: writing and drawing. How can the threads of a drawing find their reflection in a text? How can a text be weaved into a drawing. What could be the common elements in the practice of writing and drawing? You can learn more on Circadian's website for the book. ...

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