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The Rites of Power Video & Photo Print


A video download and a photo print of this transmission intercepted in 3797 AD.

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This video footage and photo material were transmitted back from 3797 AD using a unidentified satellite sent into the future through parallax profusion technology. Available in limited edition of 10, it tells the story of the time when the Earth ceased to exist and the remnants of previous civilisation were left scattered all over the surface in memory of the power lines that were once there and now were only left standing alone, disconnected, but still full of energy… transmitting the flow from another dimension into this one.
Transmission was intercepted by agents Paranyushkin, Jimenez, and Gonzales / EGR. Special thanks to the agent Agulló for adjusting the focus and to the agent Akhmetov for securing the area around the transmission portal.

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Additional information

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Dimensions 1 x 80 x 50 cm

80x50cm acryl-dibond gallery print + downloadable video in HD

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