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Polysingular Social Adaptation Techniques


A personalized workshop to learn the basics of network theory's application to real-life social situations through direct experience.

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In this 2-hour session we will introduce you to the basic principles of polysingularity as a practice of social reconfiguration.
The first 20 minutes will be dedicated to theoretical concepts that use the framework of network theory to expand our understanding of what’s possible in the social space. If you’re interested in the methodology we will use, you can read some articles on Nodus Labs about Polysingularity.
We will then introduce a series of game-like exercises that will help you try out various techniques of social reconfiguration in real-life settings. This workshop is a unique chance to experience the science of networks through playing with other people and learning the affective aspect of this conceptual framework.
You can read a report from a case study describing this workshop in more detail on Nodus Labs’ website.

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