PRAGMA Festival for Cross-Contextual Confluence

On the 29th and 30th of June we’re organizing a festival for cross-contextual confluence in Berlin called PRAGMA.

The main idea is to create a space for different practices, approaches, realms, aesthetics, ideas, and ways of doing things to travel from one domain to another. To explore what it’s like to apply a movement technique in a conversation or to apply an approach we have in music to the way we interact socially.

PRAGMA is one big experiment but with a very specific methodology behind. We focus on the process rather than the result.

For this first edition we are hosting the first day of workshops — in ∞OS movement practice of confluence and Circadian conversational practice. We will then have a session where these practices can meet the music and space, as well as the organizational practicalities of the event.

The next day Reggie Watts will perform his live performance initiation session followed by the Local Prophets #9 party, which will be a platform for us to explore all the different things we’ve tried in the previous two days — how they can be inscribed into the real.

PRAGMA is a non-for-profit event. All the income we get we split evenly between all the people who helped make the event happen, based on the number of hours they contributed to the event. Everybody gets paid the same rent and we have a rotation system, so in the long run of the festival everyone has an opportunity to do all kinds of work, to also find the connections between different practices.

More information and tickets are available on