Iterative Reiterations

Iterative Reiterations is the exploration of mechanisms that produce meaning and sense in a given context. Taking a word-gesture as a starting point, we reconfigure its web of meaning-relations into a more subjective and personalized realm. Continuous repetition produces detachment and the word-gesture is finally taken for what it really is: a complex web of relations full of ambiguity, playfulness and potential.

The project is realized through the production of memes in collaboration with agent Agulló, as well as live performances and interventions appearing in a variety of contexts: from business conferences and YouTube to personal conversations and scientific conferences.

Currently in progress: the “Moscow” project, “OK” project.


special agent Paranyushkin, special agent Agulló, special thanks to agent Watts, special agency Charlottenborg Fonden (Copenhagen)

Further Actions

obtain the memes