Controller Settings

Readers often ask: how to use various controllers to control the oscillatory flow in Traktor DJ? Here are reports of some findings in that matter.

First, if you Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus for controlling your Traktor DJ decks, you should know that it’s possible to control all the 4 decks in Traktor with only one CDJ. In order to do switch from one deck to another press and hold the browser knob. Also, the default mapping to Traktor is not behaving exactly in the same way as CDJ2000 itself does, so here is the controller mappings file that would enable Loop 1/2x and 2x modes control (increase and decrease the length of the loop set by the Loop Mode button on CDJ using Cue/Loop Call arrow buttons.

Second, if you’re using Traktor Kontrol X1, you can set that the top knobs adjust the tempo, which is very useful, so you don’t have to use your computer for that.

This is the end of transmission, please, let us know if there are any further controls you’d like to share.

The file that has the Pioneer CDJ-2000 nexus and Traktor Kontrol X1 mappings for Traktor DJ is available here. Make sure you Export your settings first (Traktor > Preferences > Export > Controller Settings) and save them safely, so you can revert if something gets overwritten.