Author: agent Paranyushkin

Agent Activation

Agent Activation is one of the most important functions that agents can perform in relation to themselves and to the others. On the very basic level "activation" is a fusion of energies (see the vocabulary) and in order for this fusion to occur, a connection has to be established at first. To be very practical, a real social situation is full of doubts, second thoughts and preconceived notions that make it more difficult to connect. There is a reason for that, but whatever that reason is, it does not mean that it works for everybody. An agent sees any situation as a dynamic network. A social situation at a public space is a set of disjointed network subgroups and lonely nodes. The agent's job is to connect to those groups in order to learn more about them and then engage them into a meaningful trans~mission, activating the other agents. In order to perform this job well, an agent...

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4 August 2016: ∞OS + NSDOS @ NII Moscow

For this occasion at Nauka i Iskusstvo art+music venue in Moscow, Russia, we created a special session that combined ∞OS training with a live music performance by NSDOS supported by Aerodynamika. First we introduced some basic movement principles from ∞OS to activate wave-like oscillatory physicality. As the workshop unfolded, NSDOS (Koo Des) set up a biofeedback auditory system using the camera sensors that would affect the sound and projected image in space. The workshop gradually shifted towards more of a party-like atmosphere, with people being extremely sensitive to each other's movement and to their position in space. Special thanks to Alexander and Marina of NII for inviting us and to Lucy Savelieva for making the photos. ...

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Information shapes substance and creates new pathways in the minds and bodies of the subjects who position themselves in relation towards the flow. We are what we read, eat, drink, watch, hear, and feel. Special Agency maintains a list of formational references that help advance soma~cognitive reconfiguration practices and further develop ideological and methodological aspects of our work. All of the works presented below are powerful cognitive stimulants. Not only because they elicit powerful effects (some of which are listed), but also because they divide the reality of the one who perceives into "before" and "after". In this list we are not interested in one-off hits, but, rather, in the references that have a long-lasting effect and positive influence on Special Agents' practices. We also exclude material substances that should come into direct contact with the inside of the body to be experienced (such as drugs, liquids, foods, blood and...

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