∞OS Hidden Agency at Martin Gropius Bau

Hidden Agency is a speculative hybrid entity set up by ∞OS team in the context of “Welt ohne Außen” exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau, where we will explore reciprocal relations between intellectual / ethical frameworks and collective embodied practices.

Every time a session facilitator will introduce their practice and various ways how it weaves into ∞OS, experimenting with a hybrid approach, merging the two practices together, observing the effects on the body, on the participants, and on the environment.

Facilitators & Dates:
Daniela Schmidtke (TBA)
Christine Bolte (13 June)
Bjorn Eichhorn (16 June)
Leandro Uria (TBA)
Diego Agulló (TBA)
Maru Mushtrieva (TBA)
Pedro Jardim (TBA)
Dmitry Paranyushkin (8 & 10 June 2018)

Detailed schedule: