14-17 March 2017: ∞OS @ Hyperwerk, Basel

∞OS is an open source body/mind operating system, which is based on bodymimesis. We observe and try out basic principles of movement dynamics using our bodies through individual and group exercises. We then extract those principles to create abstract representations and concepts, which can be used as metaphors to be applied in other contexts: from intersubjective relations and personal life to business negotiations and politics.

For this 3-day session at Hyperwerk school of arts and design in Basel, Switzerland, Dmitry Paranyushkin joined Pedro Jardim and Alexa Clay to share some ∞OS principles in the context of their workshop “Fighting Zombies with Utopia”.

During the workshop we presented some basic principles from ∞OS practice, which are mainly derived from Systema martial art and Noguchi Taiso. Both of these practices are adaptive at their core: they teach to respond through re-adjustment rather than confrontation. Most of these principles are explained in more detail in the Special Agent’s Manual book published by Circadian (available as a PDF download or limited edition printed copy).

The videos below exemplify some of the approaches we shared with the students. We then invited them to think how these same principles could be applied in their daily practices and projects.

This is an example of assimilative adaptation technique derived from Systema martial art that is part of ∞OS practice. The main idea is to assimilate the incoming impulse. Instead of resisting it and insisting on the original form, we allow the impulse to change our shape slightly while maintaining control of the common center of the system. We then come back to the original shape. This principle is part of re~receiving, re~leasing, re~directing, re~turning routine (aka A>R>D principle).

This is one of the basic exercises derived from Systema. Unlike other martial arts that work with blockages, Systema works with embracing the incoming impulse first, adopting to it, then changing its flow towards dissipation or back towards the origin.
In ∞OS practice we say: re~ceiving, re~leasing, re~directing, re~turning.

This is one of the basic exercises derived from Systema: you start walking and breathing, while counting. First, one step inhale, one step exhale. Then two steps… three… up to ten. Then coming back to 1. This exercise develops elasticity in breathing, calms the nervous system down, slows down the heartbeat. In general it’s great to develop adaptability and to train connection between your breathing and movement.





Bonus track – open-air exercise in movement variability, showing how easy it is to practice even at a park outside:


Special thanks to Pedro Jardim for making the photos and videos of the sessions.