3 May 2017: Polysingularity of a Narrative @ Flutgraben, Berlin

A narrative is a sequence of interconnected events/symbols/signs and is the most common byproduct of human propensity to make sense of things. In this presentation we argue that some sets of events are more likely to be perceived more coherent than others. Specifically, we use our study of divinatory systems, such as Tarot and I Ching, to demonstrate how a set of events can be represented as a network graph. We then show that a certain degree of connectivity in this graph makes the whole structure seem more coherent as opposed to a set of unrelated events or densely interconnected network (high entropy). We then present a concrete implementation of this methodology to build coherent narratives using a set of scientific and philosophical concepts as an example. We move on to discuss various implications of this approach and different strategies that could further enrich this methodology.

This research and presentation is a collaboration between Dmitry Paranyushkin (Nodus Labs), Sebastian Jaramillo and Frederic Bayer.

The presentation will take place at the Special Agency studio: 3, Am Flutgraben, 12435 Berlin at 18.00. Contact us to RSVP.