3 May 2017: ∞OS Bodymimesis as a Learning Strategy

At this event we will present the practice of bodymimesis: using the body movement to conceptualize and extract abstract concepts, which could then be applied in other contexts, both in personal and professional realms. Using the concrete examples from ∞OS physical practice based on Systema martial art, contemporary dance and movement techniques, we will demonstrate how various movement patterns and principles could be used to better understand the psychology of human behavior and intersubjective relations. We will present a concrete way of formalizing and notating this movement using the language of mathematics and the connections it has to dynamical systems theory, physics and biology. We will invite the audience to try out some physical concepts in real time in order to see how they can stimulate their imagination and everyday behavior, opening up new possibilities and expanding the field of available options.

Presented by Dmitry Paranyushkin (Special Agency) and Koo Des (Standalone Complex) together with Frederic Bayer and Sebastien Jaramillo. The presentation will take place at 3, Am Flutgraben, 12435 Berlin, at 19.00

Below you can see some examples of how ∞OS concepts can be used to rewire behavioral patterns (from our workshop at Hyperwerk Basel):

This is an example of assimilative adaptation technique derived from Systema martial art that is part of ∞OS practice. The main idea is to assimilate the incoming impulse. Instead of resisting it and insisting on the original form, we allow the impulse to change our shape slightly while maintaining control of the common center of the system. We then come back to the original shape. This principle is part of re~receiving, re~leasing, re~directing, re~turning routine (aka A>R>D principle).

This is one of the basic exercises derived from Systema. Unlike other martial arts that work with blockages, Systema works with embracing the incoming impulse first, adopting to it, then changing its flow towards dissipation or back towards the origin.
In ∞OS practice we say: re~ceiving, re~leasing, re~directing, re~turning.


Photo above courtesy of Nike Lab (∞OS session collab Ricardo Tizzi)