12 March 2017: Circadian Presentation @ 3AM

CIRCADIAN Press is a new publishing house co-founded by Dmitry Paranyushkin and Diego Agullo. The main idea is to publish books that have a call to action: manuals, exercises, recipes – anything that bridges theory, fiction and practice. Books that inscribe imaginary into the real. The structure of the publishing house is made in such a way that the sales of each book support the publication of the next ones on the waiting list, so books can also help each other. Every publication comes with a practice and is materialized as an event where this practice comes to life.

For this occasion, in the frame of 3AM event, we’re presenting two new books published by Circadian: Special Agent’s Manual by Dmitry Paranyushkin and Betraying Ambition by Diego Agullo.

We are also inviting the audience to submit their ideas for the books and to join Circadian to support our publications.

More on www.circadian.co