∞OS is an ongoing research for the development of body/mind open source operating system (OS) based on wave-like oscillatory movement.

In our lab sessions we explore various physical, psychological and behavioral patterns in order to challenge our limits and enhance our perception, endurance and adaptability. We hack our own psyche and physicality, playing with it and surprising ourselves with the new outcomes.

In order to do that, we use various body/mind practices, such as Systema martial art, which trains endurance and adaptability, both on the physical and psychological levels. We also apply principles from many other body / cognitive practices, including Noguchi Taiso, aerodynamics, nonlinear dynamics, motion capture, Butoh, Techno, contemporary dance, network science, biology and life sciences, various technological tools, fiction – everything that can stimulate our imagination and expand our horizons.

To learn more about ∞OS basic principles and how they can be applied in real life, check out Nodus Labs online course “∞OS Body/Mind Operating System: Learning to Modulate Conflict Dynamics”.

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